Wendy Dreaney
Wendy Dreaney
Producer + Stylist



Producer + Stylist

Production Casting Locations

Styling Wardrobe Props

Wendy Dreaney is a Seattle-based Producer and Stylist with a diverse portfolio of corporate and editorial projects that span the globe from California to Cairo.

From assembling the right talent and crew to finding the perfect location and props, Wendy not only gets the job done—she anticipates needs and surpasses expectations.

Her 20 years in the business brings a great depth of experience and resourcefulness. Projects are completed on budget and on time with a plan for every contingency. Comfortable in all kinds of situations and around every type of personality, Wendy’s fantastic sense of humor keeps plenty of levity on the set.

As both a Producer and Stylist, and more recently as a photographer, Wendy understands the different needs of everyone involved in a larger-scale production. While her range of work varies with client and country, the constant is a signature style that creates a fun and low-stress working environment for her clients and the people on her team. 



Equipment Rental
Estimate Creation + Final Invoice Reconciliation
Location Scouting + Permitting
Prop + Wardrobe Procurement + Styling
Travel Arrangements (Visa + Carnet)

Photo Production
Account + Project Management
Casting + Talent Recruitment
Craft Services
Crew Assembly + Management